Getting Started

A Six-Step Process

From beginning to end, it typically takes about 4 to 6 weeks to go from nothing to a completed septic system.  Here we will detail the six step process for installing a new septic system.


Step 1 - Site Evaluation















This first step consists of digging test holes on your lot in order to determine the sort of system that will be installed.  Most of the time in any given county a licensed designer will complete the soil report and submit to the county.  In other counties the county does the entire process aside from the excavation of the test holes.  All Around Underground, along with a licensed designer can complete your site evaluation.


Step 2 - Septic System Design

The designer uses the information from the site evaluation to determine the density and drainage properties of the soil and the type of septic system necessary for your location. He uses this information as well as the number of bedrooms in your home to size your septic system.  He then determines the specific location on your lot to place your primary and secondary drain fields.  Finally he combines your septic system information and site plan together to comprise the septic design.


Step 3 - Permitting

The design is then submitted to the county for approval.  Once approved the permit is issued.  Most permits are good for one year unless otherwise specified.  The time in which a permit is issued, varies from county to county.



Step 4 - Installation

Installation of your system normally takes a day or two.  The excavation for the septic tank and drain field are completed along with the components that the designer has specified and the county has approved are put into place and prepared so that they can be inspected.


Step 5 - Inspection

While all the complete septic system is still exposed, the inspection takes place.  The inspection is conducted by the local health dept.  An as-built drawing is prepared by the designer and the health department inspector provides the approval for the septic system.


Step 6 - Backfill

Once the inspection is complete and the approval has been obtained, the installer can backfill the septic system.  All Around Underground takes pride in the finish work and final grading they provide in this important final step.